My love for eating food started young but it wasn’t until one life changing decision four years ago changed that love for eating into a passion for cooking… 

Growing up in Lithuania I always loved the ritual of eating but food in my house was a no nonsense interaction. We got it from the ground, it was seasonal and there was only ever Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. No snacking, no options. We were never short of food but the idea of liking or disliking something was a far-off concept, you would eat what you were given. Despite this my grandma always made cooking special, whether it was a piping hot soup or home-made sourdough I was lucky enough to grow up having never seen a plastic packaged sandwich til my early 20’s. 

It was around this time that I also discovered food in Restaurants, the decadence, the skill and the drama of evenings out. I made it my mission to travel the world one country and bite at a time. 

Somewhere along this journey and after discovering the joy of eating out I also discovered the joy of being out…and staying out.  After pushing my body to the limit I made a decision to go sober and it is what that decision, four years ago that changed my whole life. 

Dancing and drinking till 6 in the morning was quickly replaced by cooking, prepping and baking. These new therapies urged me further to learn about what I was putting into my body and changed my whole outlook. 

Since then I have been turning my kitchen upside down reimagining recipes, honing my skills alongside professional chefs and studying what the body needs. Whether it is catering for wellness retreats or mixing up some sweet treats for family and friends I eat, sleep and breath seasonal cooking. 


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